Rob Dukes, fostul solist Exodus, a scapat de COVID - 19

de Cristi Nedelcu

Rob Dukes, fostul solist Exodus, a scapat de COVID - 19

Rob Dukes, fostul solist de la Exodus, a oferit recent un interviu in care a declarat ca a avut COVID - 19, dar ca din fericire a reusit sa scape de virus.

Artistul a spus ca nu s-a simtit niciodata asa de rau si ca in cateva randuri credea ca nici nu va scapa cu viata.

"I pretty much ended up in the hospital, but only for 12 hours. And then I got quarantined for two weeks at home and was on steroids and a bunch of different other drugs to try to keep me from getting pneumonia... At one point, I was in the shower, and I had to go lay down. I was, like, 'All right. I'm done.' I took a cold shower to try to cool my body off, and then I just went and lay in bed. And then another time, I was laying on a couch… I had my wireless headset thing in the car. And I was, like, 'Oh, let me go grab that.' And I just walked to my car, which is probably 50 feet. And by the time I got to my car and got back, I had to go lay down for an hour, 'cause I was just so exhausted. It was brutal, man."

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