Versuri Exodus - Deathamphetamine

Album: Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine

[Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt]

Life spent with lips on glass
Another hit, just onemore blast
How long can you make it last?
Hit the pipe and vaporize
Feel the rush, so energized
Your lungs begin to crystalize
Try to stem the tide
From another five day ride
Don't you know you're dead inside?
The world spins out of control
All amped up, no where to go
A glass house is all you know


Poison cloud hangs in the air
Breathe it deep, your only care
It's a nightmare, not a dream

Spun and sleep deprived
The calender burns before your eyes
Another hit, for now revived
So many sleepless nights
Only wet your appetite
Strike a match, the torch ignites
See the shards start cracking back
Watch them turn your world to black
While waiting for the heart attack
All your dreams are dead and gone
I tell younow, it won't be long
Before death ends this marathon


[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]

Withered and sucked up
You're wasting away
Eyes sunked deep in you skull
You care not about yourself
Nor any other
Only if the pope is full
Lick your lips
As you hover around the glass
Anxiously awaiting your turn
Depressed and paranoid
It's all gone to hell
Inhale as your world burns
Lost everything you own
Now waiting by the telephone
For the dope man to come home
All your friends and family
Are sickened by your need for speed
Only driven to exceed
So many years, so little time
For you, to halt your life's decline
Your're not to read the signs
Everything has come unwound
You've got to trun this s**t around
Before you're six feet underground