Versuri Exodus - Raze

Album: Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine

[Music: Gary Holt, Lyrics: Gary Holt, Rob Dukes]

Let's start a fire, biggest one you've ever seen
You bring the matches, I'll bring the gasoline
Ignite it, delight it, the flames grow higher
Burn the world upon a funeral pyre

Light this m**********r like a roman candle
Burn this b***h staight to the ground
Let's not worry about consequences
If it's standing we'll bring it down

Destroy it all, show no inhibition
Revel and rejoice in unbridled demolition
Smash it, f**k it, nothing will remain
Detect it and wreck it but never take the blame


We have ignition!

[Solo: Gary]
[Solo: Lee]

Shake the earth from its very foundation
Lay waste to the world without hesitation
Break it, take it, you don't have any reason
f**k it, destuct it, its domolition season

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