EXTOL Chords & Tabs

Tara : Norvegia Stil : Progressive Death metal Trupe similare : Opeth Componenta : David Husvik - baterie       Peter Espevoll - voce      John Mjaland - bass      Tor Glidje - chitara      Ole Sveen - chitara Discografie : Burial (1998) Mesmerized (1999) Undeceived (2000) Paralysis (2001)      Synergy (2003) The Blueprint Dives (2005) EXTOL www.myspace.com/extol ...Biografie EXTOL

Work Of Art Bass Tab

Will You Be There Tab

Storms Of Disillusions Intro Tab

Reflections Of A Broken Soul Tab

Psychopath Tab

Paradigms Tab

Paradigms Intro Tab

Grace For Succession (ver2) Tab

Grace For Succession Tab

Gloriana Tab

Emancipation Tab

Emancipation Intro Tab

Celestial Completion Tab

And I Watch Solo Tab

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