Versuri FALCONER - Per Tyrssons Dttar I Vnge

Album: FALCONER - Falconer

[The Ballad of Per Tysson's daughters in Vnge]

[Lyrics: Tradititional, Translation: Mathias Blad]

Per Tyrsson's daughters in Vnge
Oh how chilly their woods
They were fast asleep a long time ago
Whilst the woods burst into leaf

The youngest was the first one to awake
She soon awoke the others

They sat themselves down upon their beds
and plaited the hair on each other's heads

Then they dressed in clothes of silk
and made their way to church

When they came to Vnga hill
they met three robbers who held them still

"Pray, would you care to become robbers' wives?
Or would you rather lose your lives?"

"We would not care to become robbers' wives.
We would much rather lose our lives."

They chopped their heads off on birch-wood stem
and soon three wells sprung forth by them

The bodies were dug down in muddy ground,
the clothes they carried to Vnga town.

As they arrived in Vnga farm
Fru Karin came to greet them.

"Say, would you care to buy clothes of silk
that nine maidens have knitted and crotcheted?"

"Open your bundles and let me see
maybe I know them, all three."

Fru Karin quivers as never before
and runs to Per Tyrsson who stands by the door

"There are three robbers outside our farm
they've gotten rid of our daughters"

Per Tyrsson grabs his sword and then
he runs to slay the two older men.

He asked the third one before he stroke
"Who is your father and mother?"

"Our father Per Tyrsson in Vnge,
our mother Fru Karin in Skrnge."

Per Tyrsson went to the smithy
and forged himself iron round his waist.

"What shall our retribution be?"
"We'll build a church out of stone and lime."

"Krna Church shall be its name"
Oh how chilly their woods
"Oh, how willingly we will build it ."
Whilst the woods burst into leaf

[Per Tyrssons Dttrar i Vnge]

[Lyrics: Tradititional: Swedish Version]

Per Tyrssons dttrar i Vnge.
Kaller var deras skog.
De sovo en smn fr lnge.
Medan skogen han lvas.

Frst vaknad den yngsta,
sa vckte hon upp de andra

Sa satte de sig pa sngestock
sa fltade de varandras lock

Sa togo de pa sina silkesklar
sa gingo de sig at kyrkan

Nar som de kommo pa Vnga lid
dr mtte de tre vallare

"Sg viljen I bli vallareviv
eller viljen I mistra era unga liv?"

"Ej vilja vi blie vallareviv
hellre vi miste vart unga liv."

De hgg deras huvu'n pa bjrkestock,
sa rann dr strax tre kllor opp

Kropparna grovo de ner i dy,
klderna buro de fram till by

Nr som de kommo till Vnga gard
ute fr dom fru Karin star

"Och viljen I kpa silkessrkar,
som nio jungfrur har stickat och virkat?"

"Ls upp edra knyten och lat mig se,
kanhnda jag knner dem alla tre."

Fru Karin sig fr brstet slar
och upp till Per Tyrsson i porten hon gar.

Dethaller tre vallare pa var gard
de haver gjort av med dttrarna var."

Per Tyrsson tar sitt svrd i hand
sa hgg han ihjl de ldsta tva

Den tredje fraga han innan han slog:
"Vad heter er fader och mor?"

"Var fader Per Tyrsson ivnge,
var moder fru Karin i Skrnge."

Per Tyrsson han gar sig at smedjan,
han lt smida sig jrn om midjan

"Vad ska vi nu gra fr syndamen?"
"Vi ska bygga upp en kyrka av kalk och sten!"

"Den kyrkan ska heta Krna."
Kaller var deras skog
"Den ska vi bygga upp sa grna"
Medan skogen han lvas

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