Versuri FALL OF THE LEAFE - Starfire

Album: FALL OF THE LEAFE - Evanescent, Everfading

In high chambers untouched by time
Dreams this black heart of mine
A lone mind in the shadows of the past
Streaming though in melancholy rest
Beneath the titan wave
Dead in a sleeping awe
Misleading paragraphs of rushing notion
Burning away my lost emotion

Enfolded in a streaming cosmos
I am blind to motions, yet I see
The emptiness of colour, a draining loss
An enigma undiluted yet transforming

Stains of pride in tear-wet form
The everflaming silence unborn
Protruding, heralding a radiant shell
Starfire burns my within
Folding into night this age grows bleak
Engulfed in plight our tears fall
Depraved yet I let oblivion speak
Now descending with blazing blood...

I return, adrift in disorder
Vehemence bestowed upon me
A desire stark, in luminous grace
Gift of strength beyond the extreme

Finite of infinity cannot guide me
Nor can the legend nourish my mind
Harmony in third, opaque yet brilliance shines
The trembling dissonance devouring me!