Versuri FALL OF THE LEAFE - The Celestial Keeper

Album: FALL OF THE LEAFE - Evanescent, Everfading

The Moon and Sun are gone from us, and all the stars withdraw
Leaving us mere reflections of astral light
As the twilight groves behind grow out of sight
I, in blind fury, in malevolent wrath
Flee through the archways of self-deceit
Into the starlit lands beyond the gate
Where the sculptures of ice and snow await me

Northwards my paths took me, unto realms where all hope forsook me
Tumbling befallen, I was at loss on these paths everdark!
Shivering, in tears I beheld the sight of shocking brilliance starbright
with shimmering beams of fragmented light
In the everwhite whirlpool of the Celestial Keeper

Wavering in the high domes above,
She is the astral flow upon the firmanent in evermotion
She is the heavenly eidolon of beauty - and despair -
high above these merely mortal realms

Northstar - in solitude, in unspeakable forms manifested unto me!
Polestar, my perpetual Goddess who calls out to us

Yet how could I ever begin to grasp
the might that overcomes all borders and limits of existence?
How could I ever be alike the celestial ones
that are free of all sorrows of substance?

The passing of my heart is at hand
into the vaults of the nightly sky
to dance with the four winds and the gods and goddesses of the stars

Lovesick and compelled to leave behind these lands I bid farewell
Let thee well die
For I join immortal ornaments of the heavens above
as a new day dawns on the mortal lands
beyond the sight of the Celestial Keeper.