Versuri FALL OF THE LEAFE - The Garden By The Shoreless Sea

Album: FALL OF THE LEAFE - Evanescent, Everfading

A dismal thought, somber reflection
Returns to haunt me day and night
I must leave, set on a journey
on a quest under the dim moonlight

I travel through light
through fire and ice
through the molten rock
onto the yonder side

Moon lights the garden by the shoreless sea
'Twix the dark mountains heavenhigh
Where the melancholy trees grieve
Where the blue backwoods wail

In my eyes the autumn gloom still dwells
Born out of the pale sorrowed sky
Poured out of the well of mourn

A stagnant tarnish cannot refresh me
Nor can the murky pond bring me joy
As I glare into the deepest of waters
Into the swirling depths of eternal yearn

O weeping nymph of the well
fair maiden of the fountain
Guide me wherein the somber dwell
Whereto thy golden tears fell

Into the lofty lake long forgotten
the deep sea of silent mourn

There a heavy heart is relieved
All the burdens washed away
By the songs of the silent water
Melodies of the weary May

Awakened when all is lost into night
The blazing sun takes me into her lap
And laughs at me, mocks me with her light
Burning I fall into glaciers below

And there I drown in peace eternal
Evertrapped in a melancholy rest
In the embrace of the cold depth,
I lie released of mourn and sorrow