Versuri FALL OF THE LEAFE - With Each Fall Of The Leafe

Album: FALL OF THE LEAFE - Evanescent, Everfading

Beneath the oppressive, yet magnificent crown of clouds
Trees sway in the winds of uttermost dark within
The dead ones bleed in rapture clad in shrouds
The seas of Euphoria correspond with the affliction, therein

I, a dweller of the dark and the hall of sorrow,
in silence disembark to the paths unhallow
Autumnwind my betrothed guide me on my journey afar
Child of winter dismay wilt thou be my guiding star?

Once on a misty day in mid-autumn
I walked upon the fallen leaves of gold
Once on a cold day of forgotten Fall
I wandered amidst the towering trees

With each fall of the leafe my heart dies more
As the autumn twilight is come to caress the night
With each fall of the leafe I am weaker than before
As the ebony plight comes to embrace the light

Moonlight impales me in my slumber
I dive into the depths of stars
Earth and fire bestow thy kindness!
O air and water hasten to my aid!

Impenitent, a guiding vortex appears
Leads me unto high, unto...
My El Dorado, overgliding from fears!
Grandeur in Oneself... The One heart [...]
Overself in the everflowing Sorrowstream!

But nothing more do I love than the Fall
As darkness comes to usher me to sleep
Let me die, with no regrets, no reminiscence to recall
Let me dive into her arms, forever into the deep

Lulled into sleep I die again and again
As the wind swept across the forest of dreams
And the [...] wept with the golden leaves,
forever more in the everflowing Sorrowstream