Versuri Farewell Fighter - Ill Be Max, You Be The Monster

Album: Farewell Fighter - The Winning Team

I took a letter to myself and found out quite fast
I'm bad with words
With all the paper on my bedroom floor I could make
A quite life-like caricature
Of the Monster living under my bed
Who won't stop eating my homework,
Feeding my goldfish and stealing my friends
I know my mother said there's nothing to fear
But I know he's here
I never heard her voice sound so sincere
She said if everything's not alright, you can come stay here
I said just give me an hour, but I'll make it last all year

You know it's nothing but a compliment I paid to you in cold hard cash
And now they're coming very far between from me, so you best make that money last
Believe me when I promise you that I won't ever let you down
But I know that it's getting better in spite of the stormy weather
That always falls on me when you come around

What do you say to that one?
Now you know I'm not a fighter (but I'll go through that for you)
What do you say to just one?
Just one more chance at making sure that this is true.

You gotta tell me now if I am not the one
Then you gotta let me go
It's not that hard to do
You only gotta do what's right for you

If you could ever believe it I finally found a way to win this race against myself
Tempted by the urge of other places I finally put my love upon the shelf.
With the books and pages that never me hold true, the words I left with you
And the eyes that never seem to dry
Oh won't you try, won't you try