Versuri Farewell Fighter - Its All In The Hips

Album: Farewell Fighter - The Winning Team

Once upon a time I think you meant much more to me
Than the money in the bank and the blood in my arteries
But as I cut you this check, you've got me grabbing my chest.

I'll tell you everything if you can keep a secret
I never thought a girl like you could ever make me sweat
But if I heard you right
You never thought that I would bring this up tonight

And all the perfect things you say
Make me want you more each day
But I won't need you
Even if you ask me to

Baby baby, I'll miss these days
Wrapped in your body in the warmest way
But no one can save us now
You'll shadow this eastern coast until the sun goes down

Captain, Captain I think that we're going down
Maybe someone will save us before we drown
Baton the hatches and do me a favor
Send out a mayday and let go the anchor
Oh god I hope someone's here with me when I wake

I wont defend you
If you listen to the wind
You will hear my last reply tonight


Baby baby, you know I'd love to stay
Wrapped in your body in the warmest way
But there's no need to worry
We're not in a hurry
Just call back the jury
And I'll make my case tonight

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