Tara : SUA Stil : Progressive metal Trupe similare : Dream Theater Symphony X Componenta : Jim Matheos - chitara       Ray Alder - voce      Joey Vera - bass Discografie : Night On Brocken (1984) The Spectre Within (1985) Awaken The Guardian (1986) No Exit (1988) Perfect Symmetry (1989) Parallels (1991) Inside Out (1994) A Pleasant Shade Of Gray (1997) Still Life (1998) Disconnected (2000) The View From Here (2003)     FWX (2004) FATES WARNING www.fateswarning.com......Biografie FATES WARNING

We Only Say Goodbye Tab

The Spectre Within Tab

The Ivory Gate Of Dreams Part I Innocence Tab

The Apparition Tab

Silent Cries Tab

San Francisco Girls Tab

Quietus Tab

Pleasant Shade Of Gray Tab

Pale Fire Tab

Innocence Tab

Guardian Tab

Down To The Wire Tab

Damnation Tab

Anarchy Divine Tab

A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Tab

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