Filmari cu Fates Warning la Bang Your Head (video)

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Filmari cu Fates Warning la Bang Your Head (video)

Filmari cu FATES WARNING, extrase din concertul sustinut la festivalul Bang Your Head!!!, desfasurat in Balingen, Germania pot fi urmarite mai jos.

Metal Blade Records a lansat recent o editie speciala a albumului Parallels. Pe langa editia remasterizata a discului, al doilea CD contine inregistrari live dar si materiale demo.

Pachetul include si un concert integral extras din turneul Parallels din 1992 precum si un documentar making of.

Tracklist-ul produsului este:

01. Leave The Past Behind
02. Life In Still Water (feat. James LaBrie)
03. Eye To Eye
04. The Eleventh Hour
05. Point Of View
06. We Only Say Goodbye
07. Don't Follow Me
08. The Road Goes On Forever

CD 2 - "Parallels" Live In Hollywood, California on January 23, 1992

01. Leave The Past Behind (live)
02. Don't Follow Me (live)
03. Eleventh Hour (live)
04. Point Of View (live)
05. Eye To Eye (live)
06. Nothing Left To Say (live)
07. Quietus (live)
08. Through Different Eyes (live)
09. Leave The Past Behind (demo)
10. Eye To Eye (demo)
11. Eleventh Hour (demo)
12. Point Of View (demo)
13. Don't Follow Me (demo)

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