Versuri FAUST - Speed Of Light

Album: FAUST - Misantropic Supremacy

You rush through life with a speed of light
You don't sympathize
Do not live take no captives
Don't evoke do not plan have no sentiments
Like a lightening
Want to give a thundering blow and fleet
Life with a speed of light

It's too late to change anything
You won't stop ever again
Won't regain all that lost time
The only thing you can be sure of is
That you'll burn out dashing ahead
With the speed of light

Someday time will stop and
You won't recognize a man who will look
Into your eyes from the mirror
You've built a castle where live
Only you and wind
Who was that woman
Who was counting your every breath?
Can't remember when she came
And when she went away
You live with the speed of light

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