One Thing (ver2) Chords - Finger Eleven

Artist: Finger Eleven
Song: One Thing
Album: Finger Eleven
Year: 2004
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Intro: Ab Ab Db Ab (Picking )4x

Verse 1:
Ab   Ab  Db  Ab (Picking)
Restless tonnight
Ab     Ab      Db   Ab (Picking)
Cause I wasted the light
Ab      Ab   Db    Ab (Picking)
Between both these times
Ab       Ab     Db   Ab (Picking)
I drew a really thin line

Verse 2:
It's nothing I planned
And not that I can
But you should be mine
As across that line

Ab Ab Ab         Ab      Ab        Ab (Strumming)
      If I trade it all, if I give it all away
    Db         Db           Ab    Ab (Strumming)
For one thing, just for one thing 
Ab          Ab      Ab        Ab (Strumming)
If I sorted it out, if I knew all about
     Db         Db               Ab        Ab (Strumming)
This one thing, wouldn't that be something

Verse 3:
I promise I might
Not walk on by
Maybe next time
But not this time

Verse 4:
Even though I know
I don't wanna know
Yeah I guess I know
I just hate how it sounds

Repeat Chorus Twice

Repeat Verse 4 Twice

Repeat Chorus 4x