Versuri FINNUGOR - Bearer Of Moonlight Decay

Album: FINNUGOR - Darkness Needs Us

Fear is my name
Blackness is running through my veins
All the dreams what you lost awaken
I'm keeping them in my deepest chamber

Fog is my body
I'm the embodiment of dark glory
All the fears what you feel in your dreams
That's my force, the soulless disease

There's no word for a being like me
There's no way for escaping from me
I'm the one who gives birth to the pain
Flying with the wind, falling with the rain

With the power of reborn flesh I dominate
Through countless centuries and decades
Timeless statue of buried hope
Soot and dust of past is my home

Buried hypnotic philosphy from the deep
My blood turned to dust, drifted by the seas

I'm the ocean, breath of the bloodstorm
Magical essence of nature, bearer of moonlight decay
I'm the scream in the howling wind: an unborn spawn
Mythical beast of secret future, avoider of the light of day

I'm the anger in the eye, conceived by night
The dagger in your heart, sustained by fright