Versuri FINNUGOR - Fire-Raiser Of Devastation

Album: FINNUGOR - Darkness Needs Us

The sky has turned upside down
The whole world was spinning around
I felt the arrival of something vicious
It came out from the clouds, something hideous

A ghost of a dragon landed at my feet
He was speaking to me in a forgotten language
He asked me about my secrets
About the ones I always kept
I was telling him about my fears
And my lost dreams I always wept

He was laughing at me with suspicious eyes
Dancing blcak flames broke out from his mouth
For a moment I felt like I'm burning in Hell
The fiery pain came out from the deepest well...

... of the anger of demons!
... of the sleeping wisdom!
Where evil forces beckon you to their buried kingdom

I became the living burning scourge
The punitory symbol of the buried wisdom
A new frightening legend was born
My well kept secrets got back their freedom:

To burn up the whole universe
Doing total cosmic worldburn
To burn up the realms of all dimensions
I'm the Fire-Raiser of devastation