Versuri FINNUGOR - Greatest Myth Of Magic

Album: FINNUGOR - Black Flames

From beyond galaxies
Eerie constellations
A secret sign
Travelled through space and time

I picked up my shield
And took up my body armour
For victory I'll lead
My raging army of the fire

Commander of the forces
Off deepest black divine
Magic from beyond the stars
Deadly light shall shine

I call forth rotten corpses,
Forgotten spirits, wrathful ghosts
To strengthen our forces
For the war of souls

We shall destroy and demolish
Everything that existed
Everything you once held dear
Behold our magic

With my blood I'll carve the spells
Forgotten runes of higher wisdom
Watch the words light up in flames
The ruinous spell got back its freedom

Behold our arrival!
The sky shall be burning
By the living dark fire
The greatest myth of magic


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