Versuri FINNUGOR - Hidden By Gloom

Album: FINNUGOR - Black Flames

A vampire flies above the silent city
The people are sleeping down like innocent sheep

He's searching for a victim who's shivering in bed
When you see his face for first you can't avoid your destiny
Barricades and bolts can't save your neck
From the pointed bloody teeth and stinky breath

He jumps down from the window still and flies around your room
He walks upside down on the ceiling leaving there bloody footsteps
He sneaks to your bed cautiously, carefully
When you look up suddenly you'll hear the voice of destiny:
"Come to me my child, let me bite your neck,
I'll take you with me to the eternal darkness"

Magic essencies blow up new dimensions open
The blood gives new meaning to life in this moment
It gives birth to something that doesn't feel regret
He comes to life to begin a never-ending torment

Two beasts fly now under the moon
Between dark clouds, hidden by gloom!

Life flickers like a candle in the wind
Thirsty, raging vampires lacerate the prey
Screams of burning pain reach up to the sky
Whispering the name of their merciful forgotten gods

Blood drinker beasts are pouring out the guts
Everything they want is to turn the insides out
The sound like the living flesh tears to two pieces
That's the greatest pleasure to their ears

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