Versuri FINNUGOR - Mortal Reality

Album: FINNUGOR - Darkness Needs Us

Candle light is flickering in your eyes
Your smile is a disgusting sort of ice
Like blood drenched snow, full of guts
You are like that, you loathsome bastard

Knowledge is in your blood: how to infect
You're a parasite, a killer slimy insect
I could tear out your legs if you were a fly
I would teach you to suffer: how to die

I hear your voice calling me every night
Irresistibly at the witching hour
I feel your breath on my neck as a bite
Fainting of fever will be ours

Pointed teeth!
Infection, disease!
Blood rain falls!
Your promises are false!

I'm sitting now in a dark corner silently
In my bedroom waiting for you again
I'm watching you landing on my window-silk
As the final doom you always look like the same

You never become older
You think you're immortal
Until this gore stinking night
When I plunge my pointed stick into your heart!

Pointed teeth!
Infection, disease!
Blood rain falls!
Your promises were false!
You'll be ashes and dust when the dawn comes
Let there be light, the Sun will rise
Breaking the roof tiles, the Moon sighs

I don't fear your name, I won't hide
I'm leaving now this nightmare behind
This is what you thought immortality!
Revenge is sweet: this is my mortal reality!

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