Versuri FINNUGOR - Our Blood Is The Ocean

Album: FINNUGOR - Darkness Needs Us

Roaming around the cemetery
Searching for what has lost
Something what we were wearing
Deep in our soul

A shape of a woman
Was flying around, dressed in white veil
I recognized her by her voice
She was the whispering darkness

A shape of a man
Was walking around, dressed in black velvet
He recognized me by my soul
I was the raging madness

On this night we shall meet
To celebrate immortality
From this time we shall be
Together for all eternity

Take me with you
To your other world
I drew the magic runes
New dimension opens
You are my nightmare girl
You are the stars
You are the moon
Our blood is the ocean

At last I noticed her glowing eyes
She was sitting on a grave
In the back of the graveyard
Where only darness remained

I knew something has changed
When I looked into her empty eyes
I saw grotesque sight of a scary face
When I looked at her, she just smiled

Searching for something what never existed
Made me lonely like the whispering darkness
She attacked me, possessing me by herself
She was nothing else than the raging madness