Versuri FINNUGOR - She Darx The Sun

Album: FINNUGOR - Black Flames

The light of dawn declines
Losing again to his sister the moon
He sighs heavily and goes to sleep
Behind the mountains reaching for the sky

The last rays of light struggle
Yet they always fail to remain
In the forest wolves howl with anticipation
Awaiting the arrival of their mistress

In one of the many chambers she sleeps
Her dark eyes betray her longing
Her hair the color of a rose
Blooming under the midnight moon

The heavens look on indifferently
They care not for the forsaken one
Even the demons ignore this soul
Her suffering is to be eternal

My mistress, my hauntress,
My sin, my salvation
My mistress, my hauntress,
My sin, my salvation

She walks to the balcony
Image of a martyr, graven to her soul
Martyr of a god who has damned her
She steps on the cold stone
With a cry of rage and despair
She throws herself over the railing

"I love you" - I whisper
She replies with a mouth open like grave
Embracing me with warmth release
Night's Daughter has raptured me
Now there is no turning back
I am one with the night, just as black

The shades of night decline
Fades into the morning twilight
Losing again to her brother the sun
She sighs and goes to sleep.