Versuri FINNUGOR - Wings Of Kryy

Album: FINNUGOR - Darkness Needs Us

Suicidal thoughts inside my head
Shades of past are haunting in my bed
Horror of loneliness is embracing me
With its rotten dark wings chocking me

I saw devils and demons in my dreams
My body was tortured by fever and disease
Sometimes I felt like I'll be buried alive
Hell was calling me with hungry smile

I was born alone, I will die alone
I felt pain of loneliness inside my bones
Bloody dreams of fever, falling down
The same screaming season all the time

Then I met an angel came out from the unreal
Emptiness when I woke up, past disappeared
As she flew out from the darkness
She came for me alone
I received her all alone
A dark lady with eyes of a fairy
You're my cosmic reality, my only destiny

Suicidal thoughts inside my head
Sometimes she's sleeping in my bed
Surreal beauty is embracing me
With her soft dark wings chocking me
To death

I was born alone, I will die alone
I feel pain of short future inside my bones light sleep of lust,
Falling down the scream turned to laugh, it's the end of time

Dark lady, cosmic reality
Dark lady, endless purity
Dark statue of faultless beauty
Dark wings of immortality
You love me even if I am insanity
I'm a beast, a devil but you are sanity

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