Versuri Flashback Of Anger - Time Can Answer

Album: Flashback Of Anger - Splinters Of Life

I am the owner of my time on earth
The only master of my destiny
I'll decide of what will be

Fire of youth burns in my heart
Out of this jungle have to dig your space
'til tomorrow pay your place
What is wrong and what is right?
No one ever really taught us
What is good and what is bad?
I guess only time can answer that


There is a park where I like to go
Hanging around 'til the stars will show
Sometimes I stay there and wait for a new day
To take away all the fears I hold inside
Make me feel alive
I do have a feeling that it's where
I'll find a meaning to my life


Who's that woman? Who's that girl?
Shining beauty strikes me and it
Sends me shivers down my spine
I'm no more afraid of dying

Theodora, we are one:
Two lost souls in search for answers
Let us fool the hands of time
I won't wait for him to make you mine

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