De ce nu se mai intoarce Christine McVie in Fleetwood Mac

de Anais Cesarotto

De ce nu se mai intoarce Christine McVie in Fleetwood Mac

Imediat dupa ce au confirmat turneul pentru 2013 si lipsa Christinei McVie, Fleetwood Mac au fost asaltati cu intrebari de la fani.

Fosta sotie a lui John McVie,Christine a plecat din trupa inca din 1998 si si-a inceput cariera solo in 2004.In tot acest timp s-a mai urcat pe scena alaturi de Fleetwood Mac de doua ori,in 2003 si in 2009 dar cu toate acestea ea nu va mai face parte din trupa niciodata. De ce ne explica chiar Buckingham:

"She ended up getting a divorce, she moved back to England, she quit the band, she sold her publishing. She didn’t have to burn as many bridges as she did. Everyone sometimes wonders whether or not there might have been more of a middle ground for her to strike – not necessarily in terms of her staying in Fleetwood Mac. But she just wanted to reinvent herself. She seems to want to lead the antithesis of the life she led before. I don’t pretend to understand such a radical change – but it was obviously something she needed.”

Stevie Nicks a spus si ea intr-un interviu pentru Rolling Stones "She doesn’t want to fly. She doesn’t want to come back to America. When she left, she left. She sold her house, her piano, her car. She went to England and she has never been back since 1998 – so it’s not really feasible, as much as we would all like to think that she’ll just change her mind one day. I don’t think it’ll happen.We love her, so we had to let her go.”

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