Versuri FLESHCRAWL - About Mortality

Album: FLESHCRAWL - Structures Of Death

Death is certain, life is not
All of us begin to rot
A place in hell is free for all
Even angels have to fall
Life is short, immortality's a lie
All of us will have to die
The reaper is taking all of us
We have to die, that's all, we must
No one's safe from death's call
Into the twilight we will fall
Drowning in eternal night
Power of death, we cannot fight
We have to die, there is no cure
We are mortal, that's for sure
There's no regret, no turning back
All of us will have to die

The visitor, he comes to all
Human beings have to fall
Mortality is sure in life
Little time 'till death arrives

When your time is running out
Lord of death; reaper called
Comes to all the mortal souls
That is what life's all about

Beware of your mortality
Only one life is for free
No faith in god can help you out
Finally you'll wear your shroud

Just submit to your fate
Suddenly it's too late
Mortal lives are too short
Humanity begins to rot

[repeat verse]

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