Versuri FLESHCRAWL - Deathvastation

Album: FLESHCRAWL - Soulskinner

Hunger for victims
Compulsion to kill
Craving for blood
Cutting through skin

Human dissection
Reveling in flesh
Feasting on blood
The cause of the death

Stomach incision
A pile of remains
Chopped in half
Sucking the veins

Disfigured corpse
A repulsive sight
Covered with blood
A grotesque disguise


A molesting stench, of fresh butchered meat
Through guts and gore, I'm planting my seed
Bloodlusting creature, mentally insane
Can't kill the urge, the voice in my brain

Bloodthirst is over, end of the game
Hearing the deathlord, calling my name
I pull the trigger, killing myself
Stopping the madness, humanity's saved

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