Versuri FLESHCRAWL - The Forthcoming End

Album: FLESHCRAWL - Soulskinner

Since the day, we passed away
In the end, our lives decay...

The final cry
Our hearts will bleed...
When evil strikes
With hate and greed

Endless sky
Shining black
Welcome to
The hell's attack...

The forthcoming end...
When death descends
We're damned to die
We cannot hide
The forthcoming end...
Darkness descends
When evil creeps...
Life is deceased

We'll never see the sun
With blackened eyes
In darkness we were born
Just to survive...
Each day our souls will rot
So does our flesh
We suffer pain and blood

The forthcoming end...
We can't prevent
Forever death will reign
We live in pain
The forthcoming end
Darkness descends
When evil creeps our way
The world decays...

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