Versuri Fleshgod Apocalypse - Conspiracy Of Silence

Album: Fleshgod Apocalypse - Mafia

You know what you hide behind the veil of terror
bare your inner scum denied by anguish for their lowest dreadful deeds!
Your cowardice will lead you ti the shameful fate!
Victims of the metastatic tum of your life!

Convict, even if you leave no trace,
confined by your mentors in their grievous catatonic prison!
Walking inert towards the darkest days!
Unconscious when you'll fail, when you'll...

Fail! Shame of humans!
Repulsive servants without pride, without honour!
Shame! Failure of human kind, as your omission is your blame!

Naked in front of my eyes, conspiracy of silence can't be concealed, confess
what you hide!
You must spit all the cancers you've inside, you can't declare, as you can't
Short the way to demise, damaging everyone you shake off all your fright!
But this strikes before you've realized, forever condemned!

Blind! When there's something you should see!
Deaf! When there's something you should hear, or feel!
You, dumb! When there's something you should scream,
your morality is dead as your will!

A faithful traitor begging those who can't forgive!
Victims of the metastatic tumor of your life!

Self annihilations of your thoughts,
unbound all your terror, in their immense temples of corruption!
Your servile actions will destroy you all
Lay down now, feel all your senses fell away from you!
Blown away, lost in the serpentine of pain!

Down! Down! Down! Under the weight of crime!
Torn to pieces by guilt and bane, inadmissible terminal sickness of our race!
Race! Race! Race! Without any aim!
Inveracity runs through your veins, existence is vain!

All the veils are broken by an evident truth, fools those who believed, in spurious ignorance creatress of your doom!