Versuri Fleshgod Apocalypse - Requiem In SI Minore

Album: Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles

I stare at this fool race, nobody knows she's dead
Passed by in silence
Lies exiled her from our minds in the yellowed pages of time
Her wooden prison

Burns, the Knowledge burns, reduced to ashes
While faith rips out their eyes
They pray an ethereal false god
Dies, the last flame dies, covered by gold dust
Damps down on the flame of wisdom
Lies, their glorious words

Victim of the sermons and preached fake
Come to see solution, gag the holy mystificators
Cut the sutures that sew your eyelids done
By dishonest preach-cheaters that want control you

Fall below the lie
The cross the sign of their impious empire, no resurrection
No plea will save your life
The Reason is the only god to pray, bow down before her

I deny them, deny the word they preach
Deny them, deny the god they pray
Betray them, till they won't reach my ground
Corrode them

Requiem for the Reason sacrificed, felt before dementia
Fools those who believe that She won't rise, immolated lives

Blood stained executors trapped in chains
Vermins of redemption pray now all proud and isolated
Scratch away the pestiferous skin
Expose your new body as a neoborn reason