Versuri Fleshgod Apocalypse - Sophistic Demise

Album: Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles

Mercenary greedy desecrated men
bread upon the ancients
Demiurges of the wise law that have been forgotten
Covered by deceit, venomous, glittering, complex words

Curse you all dead preachers, traitors disguised
Hedonism absolute will betray your mind

Fear his denial as a stab
Rebel attack of force of probity
Rises again from the ash
Reborn in hate just to make them suffer

Low manipulators those who bring their education
The denial of the values of human antiquity
Chaining the evolution for their own glorification
Leaders of the rectitude are now working in the underground
To strike back with an army of titanical revenge
Fear the incoming terror as pray your unexistent

Proud, the Knowledge is conquering his throne
Philosopher new order's born
After this never ending exile
Enlightened centuries shall come now
Write the new Law with their rotten blood
Turn sophisms into concrete words
Grieve them denying their dazing logos
Aeonic lie will be erased

Extermination of those who will not obey
Ratio dominator
Kills every men that still believe in sacred fakes
Beg for her mercy, victim of, your beloved, idiocy

Melted in agony, masquerade shame
Downfall pathetical is the sign of your end
Prayers will condemn them all to pray