Versuri FLESHGORE - Devoured By Helminthes

Album: FLESHGORE - Killing Absorption

[Lyrics by Fleshgore. Music by Sad.]

They are very dangerous creatures,
they ruin and damage our systems,
they stick to our organs with suckers
and sit there in darkness

They thankfully lay their eggs
when we welcome them to our house
they have no a*s only mouth
they have only suckers not legs

And they devour us from within
They can live even in lungs
They can make dirty everything what is clean
They have no seniority or rungs

They make us bleed
they make us suffer
They swarming - adult or kid
And they can't growl just muffle

And this is awfully
When in absolute silence
You feel their swarming
Can we call it a violence?

And all who eats and who bleeds
can be attacked by helminthes!

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