Versuri FLESHGORE - Domain Of Death

Album: FLESHGORE - Killing Absorption

[Lyrics by Fleshgore. Music by Sad.]

They nourish their sanguinity with gaunt esurience
and obey to the Thanatos sign
the vultures scratch raw decaying opaque faces
to befide the life means to mortify

Mother's temple-like womb gives at the seams
the infant sight will never be pierced by the dawn
the new-born evil's narrated Famin
now his Ascension Day is undergone

Ravished by the rotten breath of twilight Necropolis
priestess of the fin God is covering the road
for that ophidian bastard of the flades could be banished
to send Famin into his cradle under the sod

With demonic carnality revives the epitome demon
blending a sustenance of tears, blood and ptomaine
spreading in his Dance Macabre sallow semen
onto scantly-fleshed sere soil's membrane

Greeting murder as nostrum, mitigatory gift
sains the pyre made of those, who wished to live
with poignant pain he glorifies the wraith
of Necropolis - the Domain of Death

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