Versuri FLESHGORE - Infernal Earth

Album: FLESHGORE - Killing Absorption

[Lyrics by Fleshgore. Music by Sad.]

From the sullen depth of sea
Rise and come to fly with me
Share your power, it's time to run
King of west, Leviathan

From the solid, bitter Earth
Rive and come to quench your thirst
Fly with me and share your force
Belial, The Lord of North.

From Infernal Realms of light
Rise and come to join out fight
Morning star you'll make it clear
Eastern Master, Lucifer.

Come, the mighty Lord of Hell
Bring some power to my spell
Time has come to hold the wows
Satan, fiery Lord of South.

Summoned from the depth of Hell
Kings of abyss tied the spell
Princes come to hear my words
Now it's time to break the cords.