Versuri FLESHGORE - Severe Pain

Album: FLESHGORE - Killing Absorption

[Lyrics by Fleshgore. Music by Igor.]

This is about severe pain
That wrecks my brain
And makes insane..
This is about hemorrhage
Which runs like wax
I feel myself in narrow cage
That everyday my substance locks
I'm here listening to silence
There everything wakes up in violence
And I am falling dispersing by wind
But everything here makes me clean

I'm effusively crying monk
That lost belief in god -
I'm disillusioned!
Absorbed by dark night's glutton
I need some great infusion
Raking the dust tortured by lust
I'm taking out icons of past
I'm hanging them in my new cage
I'm reinforcing hemorrhage!
I'm idolizing dead cruel gods
Explaining them the gist of mud

I put my arms on tumbledown crosses
There withered flowers like a tender dosses
And I confess that I forgot forefathers
My tears like tar on white clean linen
That is remain of their shining...of their dying
And I'm resigning with the thorny path

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