Bret You Got It Going On Chords - Flight Of The Conchords

I have noticed a lot of INCORRECT tabs out there, so I'm making this one.


C7: x35353
B7: x13131
A7: 575655
A:  577655
F:  133211
G:  355633
Gm: 355333

The song does change keys, so when it does, move the chorus chords up one fret and 
play them the same.

Dm7               C7
Hey there Bret, I see you lookin' down 
      B7                        C7           A7   
Dont wanna see my little buddy there with a frown
Dm7                      C7
Just because i get more women than you
             B7                     C7           A7
Well that's only because they dont know you like I do
Dm7                     C7
Sure you're weedy, and kinda shy
          B7                             C7          A7
But some girlie out there must be lookin for a weedy shy guy
Dm7                           C7
They want you as their needle when theyre rollin in the hay
B7                      C7
Just hear me out when I say

Dm7              A   F   G
Bret you got it goin on
Gm                             Am
Ladies will get to know your sexuality
          C7                    Dm7
When they get to know your personality
Dm7              A   F   G
Bret you got it goin on
Gm                 Am
Not in a gay way, just wanna say mate
   C7                         Dm7
I wanted to say that you're lookin okay, mate

Repeat verse and chorus

after you do the chorus, re-play it one fret up, and after that, move another fret up.

Have fun!


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