Femident Toothpaste Chords - Flight Of The Conchords

Flight of the Conchords Femident Toothpaste (Series 2, Episode 2)

The song for the "Femident Toothpaste" advert... enjoy

Am                         G
You are a woman, you have womens wear

F                    G
You have breasts and long-ish hair. Oh yeah.

Am                 G                      F              G
Your kind is found everywhere, yet your still very rare.   Oh yeah

Am               G          
Your a woman and you love to weave

Am                     F 
Your a woman, you have womans needs.

Am              G                     F                     G 
I know you have womens rights, your a woman with teeth, now take a bite.

Am          G               F                  G
Oh Femident toothpaste yeah, for your feminine dental care, oh yeah

Am          G
Oh femident toothpaste

F                      G              Am 
femident, femident...        femident

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