Kissing Chords - Flight Of The Conchords

Flight of the Conchords - K.I.S.S.I.N.G

Transcribed by Rhys Jones  rbj2001 @

I'm a great Conchords fan - just wish they'd release a proper album and spread the
joy! Let me know if you can improve on the chords or just if you enjoyed playing.

Straightforward (and short) song. Most is palm-muted strumming 8 beats to the bar.
There's some finger picking at the beginning and end of the last verse, which is
easy to copy if you listen to the record (normal chord shapes; just copy their
rhythm and leave out the top string).

   G  C  D7 Em/B Cmaj7 D7* A7/E B7 Edim


G               C                  D7
A kiss is not a contract, but it's very nice

Oh yes it's very nice
G                          C
Just because you've been exploring my mouth
Doesn't mean you get to take an expedition further south, no

G               C                  D7
A kiss is not a contract, but it's very nice

It's very very nice
G                       C
Just because we've been playing tonsil hockey
Doesn't mean you get to score the goal that's in my jockeys

Em/B      Cmaj7                    D7*
Oh just because I'm in an acoustic folk band
It doesn't mean I only want poontang
I can't go round loving everyone
I just wouldn't get anything done

        G            C    D7
Because I'm only one man, baby
G              C    D7
We're only two men, ladies,
Oh pretty babies

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