Sexy Flower Chords - Flight Of The Conchords

This isn't an "official" song of theirs, hence I had to make up the chord 
progression by ear. It only showed up in the one promo for the second season, but 
it was so adorable I couldn't NOT put it up :) ...
Have fun!

*Note > The real title name is not known, sorry!


"Sexy Flower" Promo Song
Flight of the Conchords

Tuning: Standard

[Verse 1:]
D           A
Pollen-like jewels,
D            G
thousands of them.
D         A
Delicate petals and a
D            G
suggestive stand.

G                               A
Your four leaves are making me horny,
G                                          A
yes that's right, your leaves are making me horny.

          D         A
You sexy flower, so sexy
      G       A
for a flower, mm.

[Verse 2:]
D                   A
You sprinkle me so tenderly
          G                    A
with your hot time heavy love shower.
D                         A                
You love me, love me, love me, love me, love me 
        G                           A
like a man shouldn't love a flower.

       G                           A
Like a man shouldn't love a flower, ooh.

Sexy flower
(sexy man)
You're so sexy
(sexy man)
for a flower 
               A               D
(So sexy for a man so natural)

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