Tape Of Love Chords - Flight Of The Conchords

  G          Gmaj             Em      Am             
  Lives are like retractable pencils, if you push them too hard, they're gonna

break.   (Repeat those chords until the chorus comes unless otherwise noted)

Rest of verse lyrics: and People are like paper dolls... paper dolls and people they're 
similar shape (use D chord instead of C at the end of that line)

   Love is like a roll of tape... its real good for making two things one(also use D 
instead of C)
   But just like that roll of tape, love sometimes breaks off before you're done
   Another way that love is similar to tape, that i've noticed, is sometimes its hard to 
the end.
   You search round the roll (search round the roll) Search round the roll (Searchin 
the roll) search round the roll with your fingernails.
Again and Again and again and again.. and again........whohoh

G            Gmaj         Em                          
Brown Paper, White Paper, Stick it together with the tape, the tape of love,

G             C      D     Repeat that till the end of the song, the one
   the sticky stuff.       exception being Jemaine's part about people and

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