So Sail On Chords - Flogging Molly

Artist: Flogging Molly
Song: So Sail On
Album: Speed of Darkness

Lyrics are based on a live performance of the song. I'm almost 100% certain that the 
chords are correct as I compared them to a live video. Lyrics are close but could be wrong.

3/4 time


Time to take a breath once more
F                 C
Before the hammer blow
Wrap myself around the veil
F                  C
Against the bitter cold
G                 F
Body bruised from selfishness
    G                 F              C
The penny dropped too late I guess

C       F
So sail on
C          F
To all now born
C       G     C
So sail on to you


Raise my glass to all before
True friends I have known
Take me to my virgin grave
Beneath the haunting stone
Nothing left but fare thee well
I wish you luck and please take care


[Violin solo]

Chords here are the same as the verse.

[Chorus x3]

Actually fairly easy as most Flogging Molly songs are. Just listen to the song for strum pattern

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