Versuri Floodgate - Imitation Salvation

Album: Floodgate - Penalty

Here we meet again
Tearing at the mind
As the reflection tests my pride
I've been the guilty, the war bringer, time and again and again
Believe me, my son, hell isn't far

God praise her
Heart gazer
Blackout in all the misery
Street angel in the sun
House demon screams for all my love

Countless tears I've cried
Yet I seem to keep them all inside
Rising up into my eyes, even with the level of the floodgates
Bound to love I'll never know or show

One too many, one too few
God only knows all that I've sacrificed for you
Cursed by living, nursing pain
Have mercy on this cross I bear

Give all my wages while my baby's left to fend
My fingers dig for more to send
Then they ever see the light?
Twisted visions of what's wrong and what's right

I've seen the light
It's burning in my head
Don't you bother hearing the tongues of evil men

Lies abound the carpets of the deep-shag saviors and the gold-lined sphincters of the ones who claim they're saved
Something is telling me that the ones they praise they'll never face...

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