Versuri Floodgate - Second Guesser

Album: Floodgate - Penalty

I'm getting down
I'm feelin' good to go another round
I've got a fistful of broken promises cast to the wind
Will you be yourself again?
Another day is gone and if I'd have done it differently
And so it goes, falling short of guarantee
I sailed across the sea and I saw the world in another light
I'm coming back to you
Coming back to see you

Feel you, touch you, taste you
The land is sweet, the offerings are good
Take it all; I know I should
Should I be leaving here?
Once again, second guesser fails!
The blackness sweeps
Over zealot fairs the same
Gettin' cold by the hour
I was only a child when I first saw their lies
Saw them all...

They've got the answers to the problems that cannod be solved
They make the accusations then commit the very fault
I only hope there is a special place for those like you
'Cause if there ain't I'd rather burn in hell alone...

Handwriting's on the bathroom wall
Headline is screaming, "Stand or Fall!"
I'm beneath the wheels of a motor truck
Takin' none from no one
Your loving's like a fax machine
Sends an image, but it isn't real
Blaming others for your bitter pain
Tears, they fall like acid rain
You'd better watch yourself
You're gotta push your luck too far, and I'll be coming down
Coming down upon you

Ooze from out of nowhere
Back to country-somewhere should you go and stay
Make it somewhere far away
See your wallflowers as you grip the power of your sacred book
Take another into your crystal ball
Kingdom soon will fall
Then you'll want your mother
f**k THAT sit, man!!!

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