Versuri FLOWING TEARS - For My Enemies

Album: FLOWING TEARS - Thy Kingdom Gone 2008

Out in the rain,
Take all my pain,
Save me for the world won't stop!
Scars to remain,
Cursed by thy name,
Your tears are violent!

No sleep all night,
Run from the fight,
Take another break and stop!
Burned by the night,
Die by my side,
Serpents lead the silent!

Out in the fear,
Can't save a tear,
Swallowing a serpent's kiss!
Breakdown is near,
Words disappear,
Restrain to follow!

Out in the cold,
Lie to be told,
Anger is the devil's bliss!
Silence is gold,
Trust to be sold,
Serpents lead the hollow!

For my enemies,
Fighting is salvation on guard,
You don't deserve my hate!
For my enemies,
I spit on your defense!

Scars in my head,
Stars for the sad,
We're nothings on a line that's crossed!
Run from the past,
No pain to last,
Ignore the sirens!

Silence is mine,
War down my spine,
And my all ambitions lost!
Wait for the time,
And walk straight in line,
Replicate the silence!

And as I wake up in the open sea,
Try to cure what's left of Eden...
And as I call the sense of your belief,
Your vengeance is not mine..
And for the poison in the air I breathe,
Try to save what's left of reason...
For all the fear I left behind...

And one day I'll return,
For my enemies...