Versuri FLOWING TEARS - Pain Has Taken Over

Album: FLOWING TEARS - Thy Kingdom Gone 2008

Fallen we are,
Pale horizon,
Meet me when the waters gain.
Out in the dark,
Fear of the night,
So constantly afraid.

Sunken we are,
Storm arising,
Leave me when the fortune breaks.
Spill all my blood,
Holy water,
Scarlet serenade.

And then my world decays...

Thoughts mistaken,
Hearts forsaken,
Pain has taken over.
Fire nation,
Torn relation,
Pain has taken over.

Servants we are,
Sail the oceans,
Leave me in the silent waves.
Follow me not,
Through walls of fire,
Leaving is a state.

I take your punishment
My pain at your command

Serpents we are,
Words of reason,
Fear me when illusion fails.
Out on the run,
Slaves of mourning,
Your mercy came too late.

Burning we are,
Nights on fire,
Craving for life's bitter taste.
Sorry we are ,
Worn and tired,
Unable to create.

I start to run
And then my world decays...