Starrider Chords - Foreigner

Intro-Am  Em  F  B  Em D C D Em

B                     Em                      C          Am
I stole a ride on a passing star not knowing where I was going 
     Em          D      Em    D
how near of how far.

B                               Em
Through year of light, lands of future and past

          C         Am          Em        D       Em    D
until the heavenly gates were sighted at last

Em    C   Em    C


Starrider, rider, rider

take me to the stars

Starrider, rider, rider

C                       Em      C
show me where you are

B                              Em
Northern light flashed by and then they were gone

        C              Am        Em             D     Em   D
and as old stars would die, some new ones were born

B                    Em
And ever on I sailed celestials ways

            C            Am             Em         D    Em   D
and in the light of my years shown the rest of my days.

Am      Em            F                 B                  Em
Speed increasing, all control is in the hands of those who know

D                  C       D             Em          C     Em   C
will they help us grow to one day be Starriders.

Instrumental chords   Em7  Am  F  Am  F  Am  F  Am  F

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