Versuri Forever The Sickest Kids - Bundled Up

Album: Forever The Sickest Kids - Underdog Alma Mater [CD/DVD][Deluxe Edition]

It's better to be warm,
than unprepared
and caught outside
and caught outside
with not enough on.
It's too cold to bear.
I've gotta go in.
We've gotta go in.

it's here.

She had a cold heart
and a new scarf
around her neck outside the church in the snowfalls.
Her hair was side to side.
Her mouth is open wide,
catching every snow flake as they're falling.

So baby, baby,
tonight could be that night.
Let me see that smile.
Let me see that mark
from the tree you slid into,
but still made you smile.
It still made you laugh.

Oh what a day.
Oh what a day
to be remembered,
to be remembered by you and I.

Oh what a day.
Oh what a day
to be remembered by you and I.

We've gotta bundle up tomorrow,
'cause winter comes so hard.
We've gotta bundle up tomorrow.
It's only hours 'till the snow is falling down.

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