Versuri FORGOTTEN TOMB - Blood And Concrete

Album: FORGOTTEN TOMB - Negative Megalomania

Sinking in the urban wastelands where no life dwells
The misery of this dead-end street is the symbol of your existence
The meaning of your useless days lays splattered and dead
on a pale bleak city wall

The endless sound of machinery of pain
echoing in your mind
DeConstruction of all happiness
A horrible omen of self-destruction

Illusions of youth are drowning in the dark industrial lava

Disgust- As I watch your empty lives
The pathetic ways you try to escape your slavery
Caged into asphyxiating shells of human ignorance
Chained to an earthly life that you don't deserve.

Waves of dirt obliterate the ghost of serenity
This dull grey city is the hell where I want to be
Just killing time, silently watching humanity fall
I laugh at my wasted generation of mindless worms

I see the world through different eyes
I see this world in black & white
Your shallow faces like discoloured pictures
Your sickening well-being dressed in a fake smile

As the seed of discomfort grows in Mother Earth's mangled womb

The will to swim into your opened wounds
and taste your poisoned human blood
I'll use myself as a weapon of cruelty,
to drown you into perversion and sickness

Destroy your life for Negativity-
You'll beg me to save you
as I'll pound your head down in the burial ground
This sweet beloved disgust inside of me
The need to erase your smiles- my only way to feel alive

The sky from now on shall look like me:
As dark as blood, as grey as concrete.