Versuri FORGOTTEN TOMB - Subway Apathy

Album: FORGOTTEN TOMB - Springtime Depression

As a desolated subway
As an empty city street
It takes me a way
Towards oceans of concrete

A grey walk into the void
Through faceless humans
Nauseating melancholy
Suburban distress

Lifeless as your jaded eyes...

Pitch black misery
Dead leaves in rainy afternoons
Cold - Cold sidewalks at night
Frozen by bleak neon lights

Lifeless asy our jaded eyes

Our sight is broken by a train
This time I know it will be at last one
A reflection of the subway
inside your eyes
Waiting for the last train
of this endless night

Lifeless as your jaded eyes...

To fade into the dark
To run away towards another
Grey - Another greay suicidal day
Subway Apathy crawls in me

Subway Apathy crawls in me

Pale grey walls
Dark landscapes of iron
Deep inside my soul