Versuri FORTUNETELLER - Astray

Album: FORTUNETELLER - Secret of My Life


It is said .. that time is passing slower and slower
From the inner core to the outer edges of the mind
The pictures done expading just the gray
Cause when matter turns to rust and dust i realise my prolem


I am Screaming and crawling my way out of here
Ive been searching for something in vain
Running and hiding for so long alone
Ive been led astray without you  

War torn, i`m silver compas without  bearing
From another time, misplaced and broken hearted 	
Seeds that grow spawning dark thoughts and you know 
Black silence, shatterd glass in which you bathe, my prey, 
cause you ve been screaming and 

Running, hiding 
This is me . I know no other way
i am astray. ..

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